Introduction to ModelGUI

ModelGUI (or simply mgui) is an open source Java-based project intended to provide a graphic user interface (GUI) for interactions between scientists (or enthusiasts) and their data. In its current form, mgui offers:

  • Cross-platform functionality (with a Java Runtime installation, runs on Linux, Windows, Mac, or Solaris)
  • 2D rendering of data based upon Java2D, and 3D rendering based upon Java3D/JOGL
  • The ability to organize complex datasets into intuitive mgui projects
  • A processing pipeline interface which allows users to process their datasets with any available Java or native software tools
  • An extensible I/O framework accommodating a variety of standard and non-standard file formats
  • Database connectivity using JDBC
  • Graph visualization based upon the JUNG library
  • An intuitive Swing-based GUI for managing, querying, and visualizing data
  • Various CAD-type tools for editing and creating geometry
  • A computational modelling framework

ModelGUI can be used as an end user or a developer:

  • If you are new to mgui, simply wish to use the software in its latest form on your data, or are just curious, the best way to start is to download the latest release here, and then run through the Getting Started tutorial on this wiki.
  • If you are already a bit familiar with mgui, and are coding-savvy and would like to know how to program your own model objects or user interfaces, you may want to check out the source code here.

ModelGUI is provided under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3), which means it is free and open software, and will always remain that way.

Download Latest Version

If you want to get stuck in, you can download the latest bundled version (1.0.32) for your operating system. Unzip this somewhere, and follow the directions in the README file to get started.

Questions, comments, and/or concerns?

Your best bet, whether user or developer, is to check out the Discussion Forum (which is also available in the side menu). Here you can browse for threads which may already address your issue, starting with the FAQ available for each forum category. If this isn't fruitful you can start your own thread describing your question, comment, and/or concern, and the community will hopefully have a quick response for you. If you want to report a possible bug in the software, this process is described on the Report a Bug page (also available from the contact menu).

ModelGUI was created and is maintained by Andrew Reid:

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License