Bazaar And Launchpad

NOTE: As of 24/06/20, ModelGUI has migrated to Github. This page is for reference only.

This page guides you through the process of registering for a Launchpad account and getting the source code using the Bazaar Eclipse plugin. You can also access the code without Eclipse of course, using Bazaar's command line (learn more here).

To get set up, you need to:

1. Install Bazaar on your system:
2. Become a member of Launchpad:
3. Set up an SSH key so the Launchpad site can authenticate you:

If you are working with Eclipse, the best course of action is to:

1. Create three new projects called:

  • mgui-core
  • mgui-exec
  • mgui-neuro

2. Install the Bazaar plugin: ..this also explains how to set up each project as a Bazaar project (see "Kick start" at the bottom). Here are alternative instructions for more recent versions of Eclipse:

  • Install the "Bazaar plugin" for XML output: (for Windows this is "bzr-xmloutput-setup-#.#.#.exe")
  • Within Eclipse (Ganymede, the latest version at the time of writing), install the "Eclipse plugin" for using Bazaar with Eclipse:
  • To set a project as a Bazaar project, right-click, Team > Share Project > Bazaar > Finish

3. For each project, right-click on the project name, select Team > Pull from.. and indicate the branch you want to pull:

  • mgui-core: lp:modelgui
  • mgui-exec: lp:~typically/modelgui/mgui-exec
  • mgui-neuro: lp:~typically/modelgui/mgui-neuro

This should fill all your projects with the latest code from the main development branches of mgui (have a look at the Launchpad site to see how it's organized into branches). To run it, you also want the dependencies:

To change a project build path, right click on the project tree node, select Properties, then Build Path. The project build paths should be such that:

1. mgui-core:

  • all the dependencies

2. mgui-neuro:

  • mgui-core project
  • niftijlib
  • osp
  • camino
  • jung
  • foxtrot

3. mgui-exec:

  • mgui-core project
  • mgui-neuro project

The application can be executed using the MguiStart or MguiExec classes of the mgui-exec project. In the Eclipse run configuration you can set the Arguments > VM Arguments to "-Xmx1000m -oss50m" to ensure you have enough memory to load volumes, etc.

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