ModelGUI Dependencies

Here is a list of the Java libraries upon which ModelGUI depends. Unless otherwise stated, all dependencies are pure Java solutions, meaning that mgui is entirely platform independent (contingent upon available native versions of Java and Java3D). These are available for download as one zip file on the temporary downloads page. Each dependency directory also contains the relevant license for use and redistribution.

mgui-1.0.20-alpha (core, exec, and neuro)

Dependency Description
Apache Commons (collections, io, and math) Provides additional functionality for collections, I/O operations, and statistics
Colt Used by other dependencies
Foxtrot Provides simple threading routines which allow Swing components to function while tasks are being performed; e.g., allows progress bar updates
Jama Support for matrix operations
Jep GNU version, provides mathematical expression parsing
Jung Provides visualization and analysis algorithms for graphs
Niftijlib Provides I/O operations for the Nifti medical imaging standard file format
Open Source Physics Provides a framework for computational modelling, including numerics and visualization
Xj3D Provides I/O support for Java3D scenes in X3D format; successor of the VRML format
MySQL connector JDBC driver for MySQL connectivity
Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) Provides advanced imaging operations
Camino Library which implements a number of statistical methods related to diffusion-weighted neuroimaging
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver JDBC driver for PostgreSQL functionality

mgui-1.0.20-alpha-minc (core, exec, neuro, and minc)

MINC support relies upon native bindings of the HDF5 library, and is thus not a pure Java solution. Includes all the above, plus:

Dependency Description
HDF5 Java JNI bindings to the native HDF5 library; allows MINC files to be read and written
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