User Manual: Shapes Panel

Updated for release version: 1.0.16-alpha

This page introduces the Shapes Panel, a user interface which allows the user to interact with shapes loaded in the ModelGUI session. This includes setting the data display options, querying and manipulating vertex-wise data, creating links to variables or data sources, transforming vertex coordinates, and performing shape operations such as computing convex hulls.



The Shapes Panel is the most important interface panel for general interactions with shapes loaded into the current ModelGUI session. The panel is shown at left. The sections below will outline each panel section and how it is used.


The following panel sections deal with the shapes themselves: specifying shapes or vertices, performing transformations, and computing convex hulls.


This panel section sets the current shape, all shapes, or selection set. For the latter two, only some functions are available, which will be highlighted in the following sections. For most sections, you should choose a single shape here.


This section allows the user to define and apply a transformation to a shape. At present, this includes:

A simple x, y, z translation.
YPR Rotate
A rotation defined by a yaw, pitch, and roll. A rotation base-point can also be defined. See this page for further information on rotations.
Rotate Axis
A rotation about an axis defined by a vector.
Matrix Transform
Allows the user to define or load a 4 x 4 transformation matrix. See this page for further information on transformation matrices.

Once you have defined your parameters for the chosen method, simply click "Apply" to apply it to the current shape.

Convex Hull

A convex hull is a 3D manifold which encompasses a shape while being convex (i.e., having no concavities). See this page for information on convex hulls. A number of algorithms are implemented:

  • GiftWrap
  • QuickHull
  • Divide & Conquer
  • Incremental

See this page for further information on these algorithms.

Vertex Selection


The following panel sections deal with vertex-wise data columns in one way or another.

Name Maps

Data Operations

Data Transfer

Data Sources


The final two panel sections deal with data primarily for the purposes of visualization in 2D or 3D.

Data Display



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