User Manual: Tree Panel

Updated for release version: 1.0.8-alpha

This page introduces the Tree Panel, which provides a tree-based GUI for visualizing the organization of a given mgui session, and providing an interface through which users can modify objects and their organization.



The Tree Panel provides an intuitive interface for viewing the current state of your mgui session. All objects in the session are represented as children of the appropriate tree nodes, and the interface provides a means to query and modify attribute settings for these objects. A typical Tree Panel is depicted at left, with most of the node expanded to demonstrate its contents.

Attribute Nodes

Attributes for objects in the Tree Panel are accessible through the Attribute Node, denoted by an {A} icon. Expanding this node will show all the attributes related to that object, which are modifiable. Attributes are described in more detail here.


Object icons are provided which enhance the visual appearance of the tree GUI, as well as providing a simple visual guide for the user. In general, icons for specific objects are unique and intended to represent that object visually. Tree nodes representing sets are depicted by squiggly brackets - {} - surrounding the icon for the objects contained in that set.

Context Menus

Many mgui objects provide context menus via their tree nodes, which are accessible by right-clicking on them. These menus provide interaction specific to that object; for instance, shapes can be shown/hidden, deleted, or copied. Some set objects provide a means of adding new children via their context menus. These capabilities are described in more detail on pages explaining the specific objects.


Drag-and-drop allows the user to reorder objects within a set, or move/copy them between sets. This functionality is currently only implemented for shape objects, but will ultimately be provided for all appropriate mgui objects.

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