This page lists the available tutorials for both end users and developers of the ModelGUI project.

User Tutorials

These are end-user tutorials demonstrating the use of the ModelGUI application for various purposes.

Tutorial Comments
Getting started An introductory tutorial which includes download and installation instructions, as well as a walk-through demonstrating how to load a mesh surface and a 3D volume.
Working with windows How windows and tabs work; create new windows; split existing windows; setting window sources
Working with section sets The concept of section sets; defining a section set; displaying a section set in 2D and 3D
Working with shapes General shape attributes; loading, modifying, and visualizing vertex-wise data; geometry functions
Working with meshes Mesh functions; editing tools; data operations
Working with volumes Volume functions; visualization; masking
Volume <-> mesh How to transfer data from a volume to a mesh, and vice versa
Volume <-> volume How to transfer data from one volume to another
Setting up a data source server How to install a PostgreSQL or MySQL server; how to specify a driver; how to test a connection
Working with data sources Specifying data connections; JDBC drivers; data table display; SQL queries; data links
Working with tools Zooming; rotating; panning; drawing; editing; selecting
Working with graphs Loading Pajek graphs; displaying in 2D graph mode; creating a 3D shape; loading and displaying vertex data; edge scaling
Exporting graphs from Matlab Explains how to export an adjacency matrix from Matlab to Pajek format
Working with projects Introduces the concept of projects in mgui; demonstrates how to create and define a project from scratch and from existing data
Working with pipelines Create a pipeline, define processes and process libraries, and execute a pipeline on a set of data; also, how to integrate projects into pipelines
Working with videos Create a video image stack from a 3D model and produce a video with the VirtualDub application

Developer Tutorials

These are developer tutorials demonstrating how to extend the ModelGUI API, for either the purpose of extending the project's functionality, or for your own more specific purposes (e.g., coding model objects).

Source code for the developer tutorials are located in the package mgui.tutorials (not yet, but soon, available). A tutorial session will be implemented in a single class file, which requires the package mgui.command, and particularly extends the class CommandInterpreter to allow simple command-line execution. Details are forthcoming.

Tutorial Comments
How to program An introductory tutorial introducing the mgui project and its organization, as well as a number of relevant issues such as coding standards, licensing, etc.
Hello GUI Demonstrates how to extend InterfacePanel and InterfaceDialogBox to create your own GUIs
Hello Objects Introduces some of the common mgui interface objects and how to use them to do stuff.
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